SOMOs 2021 Winners Case Studies Report

Mar 22, 2022

In this report, we celebrate the employers and educators who won UK Social Mobility Awards in 2021. Across each of the 11 categories, we examine winners’ activities, enabling factors, challenges overcome, how to measure success, and plans for the future.

Our 2021 SOMOs winners represent organisations and individuals at all stages of the social mobility journey: those who are just starting out, and those who are leading the way. The winners also come from a range of UK sectors, including retail, professional services, government, facilities management, education, law and media. Together, their case studies offer inspiring, practical examples of how to improve socio-economic diversity, equity and inclusion in the UK.

Author: Padmini Iyer, Making The Leap

Download the full PDF report below:

The UK Social Mobility Awards is a fundraising initiative for the registered charity, Making The Leap.

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