The UK Social Mobility Awards are about making the advancement of social mobility a key part of how organisations are run in this country.

The SOMOs themselves are a unique set of awards that have been specifically established to recognise and encourage action that will promote and increase social mobility within Britain’s companies and institutions. These awards will recognise best practice and innovation and celebrate excellence and achievement and elevate social mobility as a cause equal to the level of other diversity issues.

We firmly believe that, by raising awareness and celebrating the people and organisations that are committed to bringing about change, together we can year on year advance the cause of social mobility in this country. There will be 12 award categories, 3 individual and 9 business/organisation, selected to focus on those areas where a real difference can be made by taking the right actions.

Nominations for the UK Social Mobility Awards 2023 will open on 24th April and will close on 30th June. The winners will be announced at a gala event which will be held on October 12th.

Awards Night

October 12th 2023

The UK Social Mobility Awards were the first national awards event dedicated to social mobility

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The UK Social Mobility Awards is a fundraising initiative for the registered charity, Making The Leap

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