Entry Guidelines

Who can enter?

This awards programme is only open to UK-based private sector and public sector organisations, universities, and schools and colleges that have at least 50 employees.*

*Not including Start Up of The Year

Can I enter as an individual?
The UK Social Mobility Awards is an event for organisations. The individual categories are for individuals nominated by their eligible organisation.
Can charities enter?

No, they cannot. The purpose of the UK Social Mobility Awards is to encourage those private and public sector organisations for whose purpose is otherwise, to make the advancement of social mobility a key part of how their “business” is run. There are many excellent charities and organisations whose purpose is social mobility, these awards are not aimed at them because given it’s what they exist to do, they will always likely to be better at it than those for whom it is an add-on. What some charities have done in the past is to encourage a business that they partner with to do the entry, and suggest that their work together forms all or part of the business’s submission.

Is there a limit to the number of categories we can enter?
You may enter as many relevant categories as you choose. There must be a separate submission for each category.
Can we submit multiple entries to the same category?
You may submit more than one entry for the individual categories only. There must be a separate submission for each person that you enter in an individual category.
What is the eligibility period?

The eligibility period is from 1st January 2024 to 31st March 2024.

What is the entry process?

To successfully submit your entry, you must complete the online registration and complete a form for each submission you choose to make. You can register online when nominations open.

What are the entry details?

Each entry will consist of a written submission and optional supporting information. The written submission will be in seven parts: a 200-word executive summary; 1,200 words where you tell the story of what took place – split between Aim (200 words), Activity (600 words), Enablers (200 words) and Challenges (200 words); then 200 words to share your reach and 300 words for the outcomes and how success was measured. You can upload up to three files in pdf or jpeg format (of no more than 5mb each) as supporting information.


In the event of you being shortlisted, your executive summary will form the entry in the awards brochure. Your written submission and achievements may also feature in the case studies publication to promote social mobility excellence. If your submission or supporting documents contain business sensitive information, please state this clearly and indicate which information should not be published.

I am still not sure about the entry process

If you have any further queries about the entry process, please email your query to paola.contessi@mtl.org.uk.

Awards Night

October 3rd 2024

The UK Social Mobility
Awards were the first
national awards event
dedicated to social

Top Tips for SOMOs – by Boost Awards

Top Tips for SOMOs – by Boost Awards

The UK Social Mobility Awards is a fundraising initiative for the registered charity, Making The Leap.

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